Real Rose

David N. Rose Proofreading


Reduced cost compared to a proofreading agency

Personalised feedback on grammar, vocabulary, style, structure, register, and voice

Benefit from my extensive writing practice and years of study in UK higher education

Get the most out of the text so that your message comes through



Proofread: £0.008 per word (1000 words = £8.00)

Proofread with comments and feedback: £0.011 per word (1000 words = £11.00)

My services

I care about writing, about grammar, language, spelling, punctuation, clarity, and great ideas expressed well.

I make sure that your writing enhances your message. The ideas, the insight, and the information are already there, but you need some help to get the text to work for you, and not against you.

Because I am an independent editor, I don’t need to cover the costs of an agency, so you pay less.

For each document that I proofread, I return two versions: one “clean” version with all tracked changes accepted; and one version with tracked changes visible, so that you can review my ammendments. I recommend taking some time to look over the corrections in order to get the most out of this service.


About Me

  • BA (Hons) German and Chinese Studies - First class

  • Currently studying for MA Intercultural Communication at the University of Manchester

  • Published across the web on the Mancunion, the Organization for World Peace, the Student Language Bureau, and the Student Life Guide

  • Previously worked as an editor for a proofreading agency

  • Native English speaker with a high level understanding and execution of English grammar from experience of learning foreign languages

  • Writer, blogger, poet