It's the beach where the edges

Of the world come together,

Can all be seen, and where

I stand on the crease of firmament


And sea. Water retreats

And sucks out the hollows underneath

My toes and it runs from the filmy rush

Of a spent wave back into creamy breakers


And then back into the green swell, and further

Still through the ocean, which is like

A vast, crusted plain, or the surface of the moon.


Underneath are hid depths and light 

Up to the limit of my vision

And the last reach of the sea:


A line of shrinking white

Where the water and the sky

Were pulled apart to find this form.

And to my sides and back

Is the coastline, torn


From stone and soil to make solid


The border between ground and wave.

This is where formlessness and rock

Meet constantly. Where I look on

The threads of this Earth, and see

At hand the power to create.

David N Rose