Other writing by David N Rose

Here you can find other blogs, articles, reports etc. that I have had published online, under both my current and former names (David Moseley).


Open Mind Manchester

The Mental Health Myth - 5th March, 2019


Open Mind Manchester

Why graduation isn’t all it’s cracked up to be - 25th March, 2019


The Mancunion

The politics of a galaxy far, far away - 22nd February, 2017


The Mancunion

Is it okay to punch a nazi? - 7th February, 2017


The Student Life Guide

The Word of 2016: The Year That Truth Died - 12th Janruary, 2017


The Student Language Bureau

Chopsticks or die - 29th June, 2016


Ich Bin Ein Beijinger

I No Speak Chinese Good - 11th November, 2015